Factors to Consider Before Choosing A Plastic Surgeon

The nose is one of the most predominant features of our faces. Every year, many people seek to improve the appearance and contours of their noses. While some elect rhinoplasty to reshape their noses, others do so to increase nasal functionality. As you await your rhinoplasty surgery date, many questions or concerns may be running through your head. You may wonder to yourself, “How should I prepare for surgery?” or “What do I need to do to ensure a swift recover?” While it is critical that you follow ALL advice from your doctor, here are a few pointers to bear in mind to better help you prepare for your nose job.

Medications — Be sure your surgeon has a list of all medications, supplements, and herbs that you are currently taking. If necessary, they may advise that you cease taking them as it may interfere with the surgery or recovery process. In addition, avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory medications, or any other blood-thinning items. Lastly, be sure to fill ALL prescriptions (e.g. antibiotics, pain medications, sleeping aids, etc.) prior to your surgery date. This will enable you to have all the necessary medications readily available after the procedure.

Supplies — To ensure a smooth recovery, it is always a good idea to gather all the necessary supplies like easy-to-prepare foods, fluids, gauzes, cold compresses, or other items that may be need post-surgery.

Smoking & Alcohol — If you smoke, your surgeon will advise that you stop. If you have difficulties with this, be sure to ask about smoking cessation options. It is also critical that you avoid drinking alcohol in the days leading up to the procedure. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet in the days prior to your rhinoplasty surgery.

Transportation — Arrange for someone to take to and from the procedure. If possible, also arrange for a caretaker to look after you for 24 hours post-op. This will ensure someone will look after and be with you after the surgery.

Undergoing surgery can be quite an exciting but nerve-racking situation to be in. Planning ahead and being prepared will ensure your surgery goes smoothly and allow you to recover swiftly. Although rhinoplasty is a relatively common procedure, it is always better to be prepared. If you have any questions regarding your rhinoplasty surgery or recovery, be sure to raise them with your plastic surgeon. Good luck!

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