Eliminating the Drama

The last year has provided me with an unusual, blessed challenge – one I never expected to face in my life. I have had to learn how to be OK with everything being OK. Oftentimes, I have even had to learn how to be fantastic with things being fantastic.

Now I realize this may not be a popular topic. For one thing, there are many challenges in many people’s lives. We also as a culture tend to live in the conversation of what’s not working rather than what’s to be celebrated. Aware of all this, I have been reluctant to say, “Yeah. Life is really good. It’s working for me.”

For now. I am infinitely aware that this can change at any point in time. Quite possibly something outside of my control may happen and rock this peace. What I am dealing with the most now is making sure nothing inside of my control does that. Basically, I am looking at all the ways where I create drama and complications in my life.

Personally, my favorites historically have been: caretaking, codependence, premature romantic relationships, impulsive big-ticket spending (like real estate and cars), impulsive moves, impulsive business decisions, and probably a few other phrases starting with “impulsive” too.

I can so easily fall into any of these at a moment’s notice. I’ll even admit that my pretty blissful life could be even more blissful at this moment had I not agreed to some caretaking. When I was in Paris, I even had one or two thoughts about moving there. (“Wouldn’t it be glamorous? Wouldn’t people be in awe?”) Then I realized I didn’t speak the language, had no friends there, no job prospects, and NO reason to be there besides an inappropriate impulse.

I believe most of us bring our drama on ourselves, and the foundation of a life that works is one of peace and simplicity. So next time you find yourself considering any major decision, think about whether it’s going to simplify or complicate your life. As I write that, I also realize that the most rewarding experiences in my life “complicated” my life enormously. The bottom line is the consciousness that goes into the decision. Impulse control can be a real challenge for me but in the long run, it usually brings inordinate peace.

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