December 10, 2023

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What Is Speed Cleaning?

Speed Cleaning

Let’s face it; house cleaning is not something that is a whole lot of fun. If the thought of spending hours picking up and cleaning your house has you fuming, consider speed cleaning. There are lots of reasons speed cleaning. So how you can a clean house in few minutes?

Speed Cleaning?

Speed cleaning is a term that was coined by professional cleaning companies where you work quickly, efficiently, as well as effectively. It’s a systematic approach to house cleaning that gets the job done fast. A few tips of speed cleaning are given below.

Speed Cleaning Tips

One of the big keys to speed cleaning effectively is to be organized. Have a cleaning caddy or bucket filled with the house cleaning supplies you need. You can’t do this when you are running back and forth looking for your supplies.

Have the right tools. Just like a professional, you need to have the right cleaning tools to do the job. Cleaning brushes, sponges, paper towels and other supplies are critical.

Clean from top to bottom. This is part of your systematic approach. Always start at the top of every room and work your way down. If you don’t do this you can be cleaning and re-cleaning areas all over again. Nothing fast about that.

Saving Time

Wear an apron or sling bag to hold common cleaning supplies. This helps you clean even faster by having supplies at your fingertips.

Speed cleaning is really just having a different mindset, along with being well organized. Dropping old habits is not always easy, but the results here will dramatically reduce your time spent cleaning. In many cases we are talking about saving hours at a time!

Speed cleaning is what cleaning services do on a daily basis. The results speak for themselves. Not only do they work fast, but also they are much more effective. You can now do the same in no time.

Moreover emergency/same day cleaning is somewhat similar to speed cleaning. It is a type of cleaning which takes place when you are in some sort of emergency and needs your house to be cleaned. It usually happens if you want to do an end of tenancy cleaning. There are many companies in London that provide with emergency end of tenancy cleaning services.

Learning how to speed clean is not difficult. Once you understand the simple techniques, you’ll be amazed at how much time you can save. Enjoy a clean house.