December 4, 2023

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Shawn Johnson – The Artistic Gymnast

Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson is a former American athlete. More specifically she was an artistic gymnast. Shawn’s life is a great story of tragedy and inspiration. She came back down after touching the top and rose again in a different dimension. Her star shone the brightest in the Beijing Summer Olympics 2008 when she was only 16, she won gold medal in the gymnast category. Along with that she is all- around and floor exercise silver medalist. Her list of achievements doesn’t end here, in 2007 she won the all- around World Champion. The gymnast holds the honor of winning gold medal in Pan American Games for five times. Her records placed her in the top tier of woman athletes.

2007 was especially bounteous for her. Along with making the US senior team, she experienced one of the best rookie seasons in gymnastics history. What makes her so attractive and her record unique is that she won many major titles like World Championship in her first year as senior gymnast.

She is a multi- talented woman. Along with her gymnastic skills she poses excellent dancing skills. Dancing with the Stars is an American Dance competition Tv series which promotes the best dancers on the national stage from all around the US. In 2009, Shawn Johnson won the 8th season of the Dancing with the Stars and in 2012 she earned second place on the all-star edition.

Shawn Johnson was born on January 19, 1992. Her birthplace is West Des Moines, Iowa state. Shawn found an early interest in gymnastics at the early age of 6. Besides her keen interest she was not that obsessed in the negative sense. She maintained a rather balanced lifestyle. Her hard work and ambition won her the place she deserved. In 2016, Shawn Johnson became Shawn Johnson East after marrying American footballer Andrew East. The couple lives happily together.

 Shawn Johnson Knee Injury

It was January 2010, when she experienced the event which shook her entire world. While she was skiing, she tore her left ACL, which is a knee ligament. It didn’t look that bad and after the surgery in the following week she felt better. In August 2010, she resumed full training. She even made a video of her, exercising, as a witness to her comeback. Her comeback was equally welcomed and energetic and she made to the US National Team once again. In October, 2011 she won a gold medal and a silver medal for her performance in the team competition.

But the problem in the knee was not resolved fully. She dragged on with all her energy but things got bad and she couldn’t continue volume training because of continuous problems in her knee. So, on June 3, 2012 with a heavy heart she announced her retirement from gymnastics. Her courage is noteworthy that she made it that far despite having a major injury.

Shawn Johnson Net-Worth

Shawn Johnson had a very successful but brief career. Shawn Johnson net- worth stands at $9 million as of 2020. She built her net- worth as a top level artistic gymnast winning Olympic gold and silver medals. Her other distinctions and achievements contributed in her wealthy status. Shawn Johnson East net- worth of $9 million is the reward of her undying courage and hard work.

After her career as a gymnast ended in 2012, Shawn saw the opening of many opportunities. Her love of books forced her to write. She became a published author. In 2016, her first novel, The Flip Side was released which centers around a teenage gymnast.

Though Shawn retired from gymnastics, she didn’t retire from spotlight. Now she runs the family YouTube Channel, “The East Family”. It has more than a million subscribers and focuses on Johnson, Andrew East and family. She also became an entrepreneur and joined the reality show Adventure Capitalists in 2017. The thrill she felt for business found an outlet.

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