December 10, 2023

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Personal Injury Law


If you have suffered an accident or have been hurt during work, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. In order to prevail with regard to personal injury, however, you have to prove that the other party was negligent and that you suffered substantial loss. In most cases, a personal injury suit involves an individual against an insurance company. It is a good idea to get an attorney when you are trying to settle a personal injury claim. This is because many insurance companies will offer very low figures to those who are involved in an injury in an effort to get them to settle. Before you sign any papers from the insurance company after an accident at work or anywhere else, you should talk to an attorney. The case gets tricky for immigrants but your work permit Canada does allow you certain benefits which you can seek. Moreover, you can also seek power of attorney service to take up your case better in case you are incapacitated.

You may have an injury that will be apparent now, or it may be apparent 5 years from now.  This can end up causing severe detriment down the road. If your injuries are apparent, you are entitled to get your medical bills paid plus any pain and suffering compensation.

A good personal injury attorney will want to settle the case quickly for as much money as possible.  Many personal injury suits will go on for years and in the end, the person who filed the suit gets very little.  If you settle with an attorney from the beginning, you are sometimes better off avoiding the aggravation of a long, drawn-out suit.

If the damages are substantial, however, you should hold out for trial. There have been instances where people have been offered $300,000 for the death of a loved one in a construction accident and did not accept the offer. Instead, they got a personal injury lawyer and sued and won – $7 million.  When loss is substantial, especially when it includes the death of a loved one, no amount of money can make up for what you’ve lost. But the money should be considered for the future of the family. The people who held out for the large lawsuit had to think about the five fatherless children that were left behind after the accident. The money enabled the mom to stay home with the kids, for them to stay in their home, and for all of the children to attend college. It did not make up for the loss of their father, however.

Personal injury law is an area of law that is very easily misunderstood. It deals with not only the current impact of loss but future impact as well. Most personal injury attorneys will work on a commission basis and take a percentage of the amount awarded.