December 10, 2023

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Kris Krohn | An Investor, Author, and Motivational Speaker

American Businessman

America is a burgeoning business-friendly place which is most evident from the fact that it has the most entrepreneurs in the world. Nowadays you see more and more people trying to master some trade and start on their own. They want to be their own masters. This freedom is very special and worth pursuing. Whoever if you aren’t careful, you may lose what you have instead of gaining more. That’s where Kris Krohn comes in. He is a real estate investor and transformational speaker. He is a business coach to be more appropriate and loves to show people how to make money in real estate with little or no credit. Kris Krohn’s real estate practices are very lucrative for scores as he literally claims to put you into a home with no credit.

Kris Krohn Real Estate

The primary game of Kris Krohn is real estate. He started investing in real estate when he was still in college. He made his name as a real estate investor and till today continues to guide masses towards financial freedom. He claims to have retired at the age of 26 and has a certain formula to gain success in real estate. He started The Strongbrook Group which is a conglomerate of organizations that help Strongbrook customer protects their investments. This comprises real estate firms, life insurance companies, and the likes. He prides himself on his ability to lead people to wealth with real estate investments. In his own words, he has helped about 3000 people till now to gain financial freedom.

Kris Krohn Net- Worth

Kris Krohn’s age is 42 years as of 2021 and he claims to have retired at 26. Every man is judged on the same parameters he is proposing and he comes pretty successfully on this scale. Kris Krohn’s net- worth is $65 million. His net- worth stands as proof of the validity of his advice. He has made a multi-million dollar empire with his investment strategies and currently owns more than 400 properties.

Kris Krohn Books

Kris Krohn is a celebrated author in real estate guides. He has authored three books on top of his numerous lectures. These are

  • The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth
  • The Conscious Creator: Six Laws
  • Limitless

Kris Krohn Limitless is a widely acclaimed book. He highlights the fact that every limitation we encounter in our life is not by external factors but by our own beliefs. It basically talks about taking the charge of your own life and thriving. Limitless by Kris Krohn is a rather general book in contrast to his more business-oriented material and has been acclaimed by critics all around.

Kris Krohn Website

Kris Krohn uses multiple social media platforms to connect with his followers. He uses YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and his website for that purpose. Although many of his videos can be found on his YouTube channel, his website contains all of his lectures and content in one place.

Kris Krohn Mentor

If you want to learn something, it is imperative that you have someone who can teach you its black and blues. A mentor is very important to guide you through the dark alleys. Kris Krohn mentor taught him the basics and helped him out when he was in college and was starting to invest in real estate. Now Kris Krohn is a mentor to scores. His mentorship course is a wide success. Kris Krohn formed this course for individuals who want to get into real estate. Although his fees are a little high, as much as $5000 per month.

Is Kris Krohn legit?

Many people wonders is Kris Krohn legit! Well yes, I think. For one he himself earned millions from his investments and has helped others to earn too. His practices are straightforward and simple. He calls his approach, “Home Equity Loan” which is done by purchasing properties with no money down for your first home.  Then, with the equity in that home as collateral, you get a bank loan to buy more houses to rent out. His You tube videos contains tons of free information.

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