December 10, 2023

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Kids Picnic Table


Kids love picnics. Any surprise holiday is best enjoyed by them if they are taken to picnics. If you do not have the time to get out of the house, you can fix up a picnic table in your garden or backyard and have your kids make up their own picnic schedule so that they can have a whale of time without actually getting out of the house.

1. Little Tikes Easy Stores Large Picnic Table With Umbrella

With this table around 6 kids can comfortably be seated and engage in social and educative interactive tasks which develop their communication skills. Even if it is sunny, the umbrella offers good shade and kids can play outdoors for long hours during their vacations. Being portable and lightweight, they can be carried between indoors and outdoors. There is not much of assembly involved and you can put it up in a jiffy. Each bench can endure a maximum weight of 200lbs and accommodate an adult too on one side. It has strong grips and can be safely placed on any surface. A very ideal gift on your kid’s birthday.

2. Step 2 Fun Fold Jr Picnic Table

If you have young kids around 3 to 4 years of age, then this is an ideal picnic cum play table. It can accommodate four and can be easily folded up for storing. Weighing just 18.5 lbs, it is lightweight and can be carried both in and out of the home easily. Kids are bound to spill things over and you can wipe off easily allowing easy removal of dirt and stains. You also can choose from a range of colors to match the décor of your kid’s room.

3. KidKraft Table and Benches With Blue Umbrella

Equip your patio with these all weather resistant wooden benches. The wide table is accompanied with a pair of matching benches which have been designed keeping in mind the growing needs of children. For families with kids of diverse age groups, the kidkraft table is an ideal option. The umbrella with a high step shields your kids from the harmful rays of the sun. The construction is sturdy and hence proves to be extra safe. Kids can be seated on it outdoors and enjoy a range of activities that include playing games, eating, drawing, engaging in home play and others.

4. Step 2 Play and Shade Patio Set

This cute little set of a wide table and set of 2 chairs with a colorful umbrella catches every kid’s fancy. It is available in fun colors and features a unique X design for the base of the chair and table that grant it the sturdiness and hence satisfy all safety norms when kids are seated on them. The umbrella height can be adjusted and the seat height stands at 11 inches, enabling even adults to be seated on them with kids on their laps.

With so many varieties of picnic tables available from reputed brands of kid’s play equipment makers, kids can be pampered very much with such products that help them to interact well with other kids.