December 11, 2023

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Fabulous Exercises for Flatter Abs


All of us dream of having a flat stomach and perfect abs. But sadly, for most of us, this desire stays a dream as we don’t know the trick to achieve flatter abs and tucked tummy. We envy celebs as they have nicely toned body but then we look at our flat, bulging tummy, wondering if we could ever look the way those celebs look. But not anymore! With some simple exercises and sheer determination, one can achieve flatter abs and a fabulous body. Read on to know-how:

1. Lose Abdominal Fat

Abdominal fat is the major culprit behind your shapeless body and fat abs. Therefore, the key to getting flatter abs is to reduce and avoid extra bulges on your stomach. This will not just take you a step ahead to achieve flatter abs, but will also help you to avoid different types of ailments like type 2 diabetes, obesity related diseases and coronary heart diseases. Once the abdominal fat is gone, you can start doing exercises for toned, flat abs.

2. The Shortcut to Flat Abs

You must be curious, wondering if there is a shortcut to get perfectly toned stomach! But believe us, there isn’t a shortcut way to get a toned stomach or a chiseled body. A perfect stomach cannot be achieved without determination and hard work. All the products that claim to provide flatter tummy and abs within a few weeks are just plain fake. They can lure you into buying the product, but you won’t get any results. So, if you want a toned body, you need to exercise and follow some lifestyle changes. This may sound tough, but once you try, you will be able to gain hold of your life and feel healthy about yourself.

3. Foods and Diet

To exercise well and to get a reduced stomach, you ought to follow a healthy diet plan. A good diet plan will increase your metabolism and provide you desired levels of energy. By being on a diet doesn’t mean that you will have to starve, instead you will have to eat a lot, but your lot should consist of healthy fruits and vegetables.

Your diet must have appropriate amounts of carbohydrates and fats for energy, protein for renewal of cells, and tissues, vitamins and minerals for health. Stick to a low-calorie diet. For instance, if you eat 2500-3000 calories per day, then try to stick to 2000-2500 calories a day. But, make sure that your food consists of fiber and complex carbohydrates that provide you energy for a longer duration.

Include servings of vegetables, grains, fruits, and cereals. Avoid canned foods. Check out food labels to know if they have high amount of trans fat. Trans fat must be avoided as they are the worst form of fats. They lead to an increase in body fat and ailments. Drink the optimum amount of water, more during the daytime than night to flush out toxins from the body and stay hydrated.

4. Progressive Strength Training

Strength training and exercises are the crucial ways of reducing abdominal fat and receive flatter stomach and abs. It makes your muscles strong. So, do exercises like crunches and sit-ups that are also called as forward flexion exercises. Also, exercise your side flexion muscles by doing side crunches or side bends. Try rotational exercises like trunk rotations, standing twists for overall abdominal exercise. Increase the intensity and time duration of these exercises on regular basis for proper benefits.

There are several other ab exercises that are quite effective. Try bicycle crunch exercise or vertical leg crunch. Do abs crunch using an exercise ball. Try long arm crunch, plank exercise, traditional abdominal crunch, crossover crunch and oblique crunch for flatter abs. Most of these exercises don’t need you to go to a gym and provide desired results after regular exercising.

5. Cardio Exercises

Try cardio exercises to boost up your metabolism and weight loss. You can opt for running, swimming, jogging, cycling and rope jumping. Running burns a lot of calories and leads to overall weight reduction. Swimming requires you to use your upper body and therefore, it leads to flatter stomach and abs. Rope jumping is an excellent high intensity exercise. Ten minutes of rope jumping can provide you excellent results within a few months.

So remember, getting flat abs is no miracle, but requires constant efforts and determination. But all the hard work is worth for the desired results. Make sure that you exercise at least 3-5 days a weeks for at least 30 minutes. Target your muscles. Warm up and stretch your body before exercising. Practice yoga to cool down your body and feel rejuvenated.