December 11, 2023

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Coleman Road Trip Grill Review

BBQ Grill

Do you prefer to have barbecues whilst your camping trips? Though many motels are available, they would not match up to your tastes. If you opt for camping trips on river banks, you can use the fresh catch and use the Coleman road trip grill and enjoy a good lunch or dinner. If you are travelling in big groups, this huge capacity grill can cook for an entire crew. It is easy to assemble and easily folds up, so that you can store it in your vehicle boot. This product has received very good reviews from customers on Amazon and is a recommended must buy for those who want to relish cooking on barbecue grills.

Features Below

Gas Powered

The grill is powered by propane gas and has matchless ignition, thus helping you to cook wherever you want to, be it at home or on the road. With traditional grills you need to have coal or dried twigs to fuel the grill. If you are camping out, it becomes difficult to source fuel. With propane powered grills, you are always assured of fuel.

Huge Cooking Space

The grill offers 285 square inches of cooking area, whereby you can grill large quantities in one go. You can even use this grill as a business proposition and start a roadside vending outlet for grilled steaks or sausages. The ability to grill volumes in one lot enables you to service customers faster.

Durable and Easy to Maintain Grates

The grates are made of cast iron and coated with porcelain that are durable and enable easy cleaning. There is also a drip tray which can be slid out and easily cleaned. Once your grilling is done, however greasy be the food, you can easily clean up the mess if any.

Dual Burner System

The grill is equipped with two 10000 BTU burners which are powered by propane gas. Adjustable knobs enable you to vary the heat varying the rate at which amount is heat is released on the food.

Long Cooking Hours

The Coleman grill can be subjected to long hours of grilling foods. With high settings it can run for 2.1  hours and on a low setting it works continuously for 4 ½ hours.

Additional Accessories

In addition you have external side plates on both sides for storage and preparation, sturdy rotatable wheels to guide along the grill easily and a comfort handle.

Safety In Handling

Just like a coal grill, gas powered grills also release flames and to prevent any fire hazards, the grill can be closed with a stainless steel lid to contain the flames.

The Coleman road trip grill is ideal whether you want to use it at home and play host to huge barbecue parties or you can use them when you are travelling. Either way, the results will not leave you disappointed. In fact, lot many users have purchased this grill at Amazon and vouch that you will not get any such product at such prices. You can also avail discounts by shopping online through Amazon.