December 10, 2023

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Buying Technology – Why Small Retailers Have The Edge

Electrical Product

It can be difficult for small retailers to compete against the multiples found on the high street and in large retail parks. A small company can rarely match the large chains when it comes to price due to the sheer volume that the chains buy. However, there are several reasons why you might want to consider using a small retailer when you’re buying an electrical product.

Better Staff 

Many multiples have a large number of employees often coupled with a high staff turnover. This can mean people with limited experience, especially seasonal workers who are only working there for a short time like in the run up to Christmas. Frequently they are there for one thing only – the money, with little motivation for anything else. Many small retailers are family businesses and their staff are selling for the company, not just to get commission.

Superior Product Knowledge

Small retailers have fewer staff but their product knowledge is often much better than an average high street chain assistant. Many staff in a small retailer have been in the industry for years and know all about the products and how to demonstrate them.

A Smaller, Quieter Store

Small retailers are quieter so you won’t to have to compete with numerous other shoppers vying for the attention of an assistant. Plus they won’t be rushing you to buy so they can move onto another sale.

Service and Repair Teams

Many small retailers have their own service and repair teams so in the unlikely event of a problem with your product they can be with you the next working day to fix it in your home. Compare this with many large chains and multiples who have to collect your item and send it off to a separate organization to repair it, often taking several days or indeed weeks.

So remember if you see a TV that’s £50 cheaper in a multiple than your local small retailer, have a think about the overall cost long term. Many people go to the larger chains to save money without realizing what they have to give up in selection and service. You’re buying an item that will provide you with many years use so it can be worth paying a little bit more for better service giving a finer long term experience.