December 10, 2023

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5 Questions to Ask a Moving Company Before Hiring It


Are you currently researching moving companies for your next move? If so, then you know how overwhelming it can be, deciding what kind of moving company you want to hire – from you-pack/they drive to full-service – and then comparing the different moving companies that offer what you want. Use this “5 Questions to Ask a Moving Company Before Hiring It” 101 if you have decided “you pack/they drive” is the way to go, but haven’t yet made a final decision on which moving company of its kind to hire. Ask these questions, then make your reservation and get ready to buy boxes:

1. Can I receive a free quote online, instantly? The answer here should be yes. ABF U-Pack, in particular, allows you to go to and provide moving dates, zip codes for pickup and delivery, and number of rooms to move. You get an instant quote online, plus one delivered to your email address, and a free instructional DVD about the company’s services. Moving companies simply must offer this option in today’s online-centric world. For those who do not wish to share their information online, ABF U-Pack also offers instant quotes by phone. Simply call 800-355-1696 Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. (CST).

2. Will you help me figure out how much space or how many storage containers I need? Again, the answer should be yes. ABF U-Pack actually has an online space estimator to help you decide between its 28-foot trailer or one or more six-foot by seven-foot by eight-foot cube-style storage containers. Again, though, you can request this help via the phone number listed above if you want to talk to a real person. Your moving coordinator will even help you decide how many moving boxes you need.

3. If I overestimate on space, will you still charge me for it? Here, the answer should be no. ABF U-Pack is one of the moving companies – perhaps the only one of its kind – that won’t charge you for space or storage containers not used. Use what you need, and don’t worry about the empty room.

4. Can I make my reservations online, too? With ABF U-Pack you can, and if you buy boxes at that time you save 10 percent on their cost. ABF U-Pack will also deliver the moving boxes to your home.

5. Do I have to unload my trailer or storage containers immediately? Another no here, if you hire ABF U-Pack. The company gives you three full days to load your furniture and moving boxes, and then three full days to unload it. And, you can even request to have your storage containers delivered to a storage unit facility, if you won’t be available to unpack them right away.

Only hire one of the moving companies that answers these questions correctly. If you have additional questions in particular about the way ABF U-Pack works, simply visit its website or call its toll-free number.